My Favorite Duty Station

Our President has come up with an idea, to get some participation on the site, Tells us your favorite duty station.

This is limited to all PCs and any other members of the Association. Just enter your Favorite Duty Station as a comment and we will get it posted. The Prez starts the ball rolling.

Alan Hass (NPCA President) – My Best Duty Station

Although each of my duty stations had something good to offer I would have to say that JUSMAG-K Chinhae, Korea was my most rewarding assignment. I was stationed there from 1971-1973 when it was independent duty. Support was excellent throughout the chain of command with everyone going out of their way to help each other as needed.

Chinhae is a port city approximately 30 miles from Pusan, Korea, the closest large city. Everyday I was required to make a round-trip mail run to Pusan to drop-off outgoing, and pickup incoming mail from the Army Post Office. That was the only bad thing about the assignment as the roads at that time were dangerous, and it took a long time to travel the relatively short distance.

I reported aboard as a PC2 and was able to bring my wife with me. Base housing was excellent and well maintained. As I remember there were between 80-100 people stationed on the base. Mail was extremelly important, especially during that time frame because there was no internet. I would make my mail run early in the morning, be back at about 10:30, sort the mail and then provide finance service in the afternoon. People appreciated the service I provided and I received much personal gratification by being able to provide this vital connection to families and friends back home.

The base had all of the necessities to support Sailors and their families. This included a medical clinic, a bowling alley, and clubs, as well as free movies twice a week. The base also had a small commissary. I mention this in particular because 3 times a week, while on my mail run, I had to stop at the bakery in Pusan and pickup bread for the commissary. By doing this I was always given fresh rolls and bread to take home. This was an unusual side benefit of being a PC in Chinhae, but was fine with me. I also had to pickup messages from the Army message center, and meet other command requirements as necessary, such as support to visiting U.S. Navy ships.

I am not sure anyone knew my name since I was always called PC. My first son, Russell, who was born at the civilian hospital in Pusan was referred to as little PC.

To cap off this tour I was fortunate to be promoted to PC1.

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    2015-02-15 at 17:57

    Al ask to write something on my favorite duty station, Impossible task because I enjoyed them all.
    From Postal Clerk A School at Bainbridge, MD with PCCS Jake Miller
    And Hollis McIntosh as instructors. I learned a lot in the school served me throughout my career. My first actual duty station was at the Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, worked for a PC2 Aubrey Gay, great duty station got to put into practice almost everything I learned in A school. Also lived with the Corpsman, they had a lot better barracks than anybody else. Made third class there. We worked directly with the base post office where PCCS P Kaufmann was first there then PCCS Zimorinski and PCC Abel Quinones, Wally Faulkner was there too as a PC2.
    I later re-enlisted for shore duty at the base post office in Yokosuka, Got Married there and my first two son were born there. Able Quinones was still there then Garret Mathias came in. Made First Class there. I guess I would say Japan was my best duty stations. I also spent over 3 years on the USS Midway CV41 home ported in Yokosuka. Also had a tour of duty at the Fleet Mail Center in Yokohama.
    Other ships I served on were the USS Samuel B Roberts DD823 out of Newport RI, and the USS Reeves DLG24 (now G24) home ported in Pearl Harbor, HI In addition I was an Instructor at the PC A sSchool in San Diego and an Instructor at Joint service Postal School at Fort B Harrison IN. and my final duty station was as Postal Advisor/Postal Finance Office Pacific out of San Diego. Had an unaccompanied tour In Subic at MNPO One, that is where I met Al Hass for the first time.

    2015-02-15 at 18:55

    I visited Chinhae, Korea three different times during my navy career. First time on-board 7th Fleet Flag ship USS Providence (CLG-6) in 1963
    then with PCCS A. J. “Pat” Ryon, Chief-In-Charge Ships Post Office, home port at CFAY Yokosuka, Japan. Second visit was on-board the USS
    Preble (DDG-45) in 1976, home port at Naval Station Pearl Harbor Hawaii on a 6 month WESTPAC Deployment. During that visit at Chinae as I
    remembered many drinks and lots of fun with shipmates at a place called “Duffy’s EM Club” just outside the main gate of the Naval Base. I got
    a souvenir beer mug from Duffy’s. That beer mug with many others plus ships coffee cups collected over many years during foreign ports of call.
    Third and final visit to Chinhae Naval Post Office on postal inspection as CINCPACFLT Postal Assistance Advisor from FMC Yokohama then with OIC LCDR Jim Marsh in 1979. Our visit to Korea included official postal conference meeting with 8th Army HDQ in Soul, Korea prior to Chinhae.

    Patrick Huston
    NPCA Member

    2015-10-04 at 00:05

    Chinhae was indeed a unique and special duty station, expecially for a Postal Clerk. I was stationed in Chinhae on active duty from 2004-2007 and I am currently living on base as a civilian working for MWR.
    The Post Office which I worked in was a separate building next to the BX and across the street from the Chapel. The building was torn down about three or so years ago along with the BX, Commissary, and a coffee shack. A new building was built on the plot that has the new post office.

    A sad note to all those sailors who have sat at the Duffy’s bar, it has closed it’s doors about a month ago. After 60+ years of service, like most of the buildings here, it will be torn down. I am currently trying to compile a history of Duffy’s and Chinhae base because, recently, most of the Chinhae year books and scrap books from our library have been thrown in the trash. Photographs and stories of daily life in Chinhae from 1946 to present day is now being forgotten.

    If I may, I would like to request any and all stories, photographs, memories pertaining to Chinhae, Duffy’s Club, the Post Office, etc… So, I will be able try and reconstruct the history that has been recently thrown in the trash.

    I thank you all in advance,

    Karl R. Hendrickson, PC2

    2019-09-07 at 18:00

    I had a lot of commands in my 20 years of service. RTC in San Diego. A school at Fort Ben in Indianapolis, FMC Subic Bay, USS George Philip, USS McClusky, Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station Keyport Wa, USS Prarie, USS Wabash, Naval Station Corpus Christi Tx, Diego Garcia, USS John McCain, and last FMC Yokuska Japan. If you count boot camp and A school that’s 12 commands in 20 years. If I had to pick my favorite hands down FMC Subic. Great bunch of guys and incredible leadership from PCC Hass PCC Loeffler PCI DeWeese and Pecheck. Great times playing softball with the guys and then partying with them out in town. PCC Loeffler would have the fresh recruits over to his house on occasion for dinner with the family. It just seemed everyone there cared for each other. If i could have spent my entire career there i would without a doubt. Second favorite would have to be Diego Garcia. Just a beautiful little island. Peaceful and relaxing. Great bunch of pc’s there too.

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