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February 24, 2021Members News Blog, 1-2021  

Time to reach out to you with a Navy Postal Clerk Association update.  Not much is happening now, but I will  share what news I do have.


The postal reunion scheduled for April of last year (2020) in Portland, Oregon was canceled.  This was because of the Coronavirus outbreak, and the riots and destruction happening in Portland.  Intent was to reschedule the reunion for Norfolk, VA , in September of this year.  Planning was underway to do so, but it did not pan out for several reasons.  Now the tentative plan is to have a reunion next spring in a location yet to be determined.  I am hoping we can pull it off.


In December 2020, the association sponsored 5 wreaths in support of the Wreaths Across America program for placement on a National Cemetery.  One of the wreaths was in memory of PCCM Tommie Kelley who was cremated and his ashes interred at Arlington National Cemetery.


I try to maintain cohesiveness with our members by sending emails to my distribution list during significant holidays.  Also, when I come across items of interest I believe our members would be interested in.  I am unable to send to members without email because it would be to laborious and time consuming.  Otherwise I would do so.


For informational purposes, the Postal Clerk (PC) rating was divested in 2009 and combined with the SK and former AK ratings to create Logistics Specialists (LS).   In October 2019 the Ship Servicemen (SH) rating was changed to Retail Specialist (RS) rating, and in January 2020 the announcement of postal functions shifting from the LS to RS rating was made  The transition is ongoing and expected to take a few years.  Many of our retired senior postal clerks are now managing most of the large CONUS and OCONUS mail centers allowing some expertise to keep Navy Postal moving forward.  Postal service aboard ships is limited. No finance service while in home-port and limited finance services while on deployment.   Overseas post offices continue to provide full service.


Since the last time I sent a letter we have gained two new members.  They are PCC Bill Piersol, and PC3 David Lopez.


Unfortunately the following shipmates passed on.  They were PCCM Bob Clark, PCC Gary Lybarger, PCC Virgil Noe, PC2 (SW) Shemika M. Jeffries, and PCSN George Payzant.  Their names have been added to the Shipmates Forever list on the postal website.  And we will honor them at our next reunion.


That’s all for now.
Alan L. Hass




Retirement Ceremony in Norfolk, VA.
One of the Navy’s finest Postal Clerks retires!  At her recent retirement ceremony in Norfolk, VA, LSCM Shelia Wooden is honored by retired members of the Postal Clerk Rating, and by members of the Logistics Specialist Rating who were Navy Postal Clerks prior to the Postal Clerk and Storekeeper merger.  What a great group of Postal Clerks.

The comments shown below were provided by Jeff Gibbs, (PCCS Ret) Director, Regional Navy Mail Center, Norfolk, VA. How many of these Postal Clerks do you know?  Good luck to Shelia in her retirement.

Comments from Jeff:

Last week some of us attended the retirement ceremony for LSCM Sheila Wooden here in Norfolk. We were fortunate to share some time with some old Postal Clerks, some still in uniform, and some out of the uniform. It was great to see some old friends and catch up.

Sharing a couple of pictures from the group. You may recognize some in the picture; including myself, Maurice Tuck, Craig Houlette, LSCS Tracy Rittle, LSCS Shawn Grasty, Victor Gonzalez, Tommie Kelley, Robbie Smith, LSCM Lida Hentz, LSCS Keke Galloway, Tammie Perry, LSCM Chris Wood, LSCM Sheila Wooden, LSCS Surrette Mazique, Melvin DeWeese, Tom Wilson, Jeff Gibbs, Ed Larson, Chuck Ramsey, Larry Rapier, LSCS Maria Rodriguez, LSC Jermaine Kelley and Steve Coney.woodenretireemne




Mr. Gabe Telles is the Director, Navy Postal Operations at NAVSUP (Naval Supply Systems Command) located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  Gabe is a retired U.S. Air Force Lt Colonel with years of experience in the Military Postal arena. Gabe, who is well known and respected throughout the Navy postal community, has worked with all branches of the Armed Services at the Joint Military Postal Activity-Pacific (JMPA-PAC) in LAX, and also in his 4 different positions at the Military Postal Service Agency. In addition he has had assignments to field postal operations in Korea (twice), Germany, Hawaii, the Pentagon, Alexandria, VA and Arlington, VA. His overall knowledge of military postal operations at the highest level coupled with familiarity with Navy Postal and Official Mail Operations serve him well in this position. Gabe possesses the necessary expertise and attributes needed to manage Navy Postal under the changing and challenging times Navy Postal faces. Providing quality postal support to Sailors aboard ships, and Sailors and family members at overseas shore-based facilities, will be the outcome.  There is also a Navy Official Mail Manager position.  Recently hired into this position was Mr. Chad Hartley, a U.S. Air Force Senior Master Sergeant who will be retiring from the Air Force in March 2016.  Chad has over 20 years overseas postal duties in the Pacific, European, and Southwest Asia Theaters of Operation.  In the photo below is Gabe Telles (left) and two past directors Tom Rittle (center) and our NPCA President, Al Hass
new postal dir

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8 comments for “Navy Postal News

  1. Galford
    2015-01-28 at 13:56

    The following Sailors, that was Postal Clerks , that I served with Port Lyautey, Kenitra, Morocco Nov 60 to Feb 62 PCC Otis Miles, A Flathead Indian from Utah, PCC John Fox of Tenn. PC1 Gary Blount of TN, PC2 Crutchfield, Died in Auto wreck near Tangier, PC2 Roy Messier, Roy “Doc” Holiday, Gene Heilbush, Kyle Harvey of Kansas, Ray Conner, David Aderholdt, and PC3 John “Gabby” Hayes

    Paul Moran PC3, USS Monrovia APA-31

      2015-02-15 at 07:15

      Nice to see some action on the site. I hope your comments will encourage more people to add their own comments. FYI, I worked for PCC Miles at TNPO Yokohama, Japan during my first tour of duty in the Navy. This was sometime during the period 1964-1967. He was a Senior Chief at that time.

      Join the Navy Postal Clerk Organization and attend next year’s reunion in Nashville. I will be looking forward to meeting you.

      Al Hass
      NPCA President

    2015-02-15 at 08:09

    I am glad you checked this website Al. As I stated the above first comment came from PC3 Paul Moran. I too hope he becomes a member of NPCA
    and joins us at our reunion in Nashville – May 2016. Come aboard shipmate Moran and enjoy with other postal clerks “Fair winds and following seas” .

    Patrick Huston
    NPCA Member

    2015-02-15 at 16:54

    I’m looking forward to the upcoming Reunion in Nashville. I’m pleased to announce that we will raffle another rifle. The engraving and medallions will be similar to the previous rifle. The make of this rifle is the Ruger 10/22 50th anniversary addition. The rifle is currently with the engraver. I will post pictures as soon as the rifle is available.

    MACS Larry Smith (Former PC)

    2015-06-30 at 13:23

    New to this group. Served 1964-1968 in the Navy, most of it on the USS Constellation CVA-64 post office. Left as a PC3 in Oct 68′. Served TAD many times to Cubi Point airfield during our deployments to the Tonkin Gulf to assist with the mails.

      2015-07-01 at 17:59

      I was glad to see you accessed the site. What is your full name and who did you work for on the Connie.

      Our PC reunion is next year in Nashville. All PCs can attend, you do not need to be retired. Think about attending.

      Al Hass
      NPCA President

    2015-08-18 at 18:32

    Would like to hear from PCCS Wild Bill Jarard and see how he is doing, still living in CT.

    PCCS Russ Nichols

      2015-10-29 at 12:34

      HI NICK



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