Welcome to the Navy Postal Clerks Association (NPCA) website.  In addition to being postal clerks we were also a part of something bigger than most of us could have ever imagined.  Being a Sailor is special, and I venture to say we are all proud Navy Veterans.  Places we have been, people we have met, and adventures along our journey will forever be etched in our minds..PLEASE REGISTER The following article is a lead in to this home page.

Mail Call – The picture below tells the story of the importance of mail service to our men (and also women) during WWII.  Notice the picture only depicts members of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.  There was no separate Air Force at that time.  They were a part of the Army.

Email/gmail, Skype, etc., has significantly reduced the amount of correspondence being sent through the mail. However there remains a strong need for quality military postal services.  Just ask Sailors aboard ships on deployment and those stationed overseas.  This is true for all branches of the Armed Services and the Coast Guard.  Important information regarding the NPCA is below the picture.

http://postalmuseum.si.edu/mailcall/images/WWII_NARA-44-PA-211.jpgThe Navy Postal Clerks Association is for past and present Navy members of the Postal Clerk Rating (established 1960) and their families. Also pre and post PCs that served as Navy Postal Clerks are welcome as are Marine Corps Postal Clerks, and any officer or civilian employee that served in a postal billet. In addition, any member of the Logistics Specialist (LS) Rating who are, or have been assigned to postal duties are eligible to join.  Any and all family members of a deceased postal clerk are also welcome to join. The association is made up of former, retired and active men and women of the Navy Postal Service who have been serving the fleet since October 1960, and the Mail Handlers before them.

There is a myth that the association is a bunch of old Chiefs.  This is not a fact as we have PCSN’s to PCCM’s, serving as little as 2 years to over 30 years, regular Navy as well as reserves.

The purpose of the association is:  

  1. To promote the social welfare of the Navy Postal Clerk community.
  2. To conduct programs for charitable and educational purposes.
  3. To sponsor or participate in activities patriotic in nature.
  4. To provide social and recreational activities for it’s members.

Along with the above, we also have a goal of keeping the tradition of hard work and dedication of the men and women of the Navy Postal Service and the Mail Handlers before them alive.   Postal Clerks are among the most known people of any command, sometimes maybe not the most liked, but still the best known.   You can wear the a Navy Retired or a Navy ball cap and many times will be told “Hello Shipmate”, but wearing the Navy Postal Clerks Association cap, you are more likely to hear “did you know postal clerk so and so   If you have any questions about this site, please feel free to contact Mike Bertalan NPCA@roadrunner.com

How many remember the ALL Hands Magazine. Pat Huston found an article that allows you to view all the articles published about PCs and mail check our Links section for the hook up

Note: For some of our old timers who were also members of Navy Mail Service Veterans Association; in case you are wondering what happen to them, I recently talked to Ken DeMaet and he told that their last reunion in 2014 they only had 6 people so they have disestablished. Abel Quinones was always trying to get them to merge with us, they never would. I have made overtures to them in the last few years also, and they wanted to be independent. Once again if there are any members out there, they are welcome to join the NPCA.

Photo Gallery Information

The photo gallery is  up and running.  Members can submit photos related to their postal career. You can upload them to the site under the gallery or send them by email to site: npca@roadrunner.com.  Label them so we can identify the individuals.

Online Chat-Room:

We have added an online chat-room, You can find access to it on the lower right corner of this page and on the open chat page, it is called CHATWEE, click on it and enter your name where it says you are entered as.  Then type your message and hit enter alt=

Navy Postal Clerks Association website.



You do not have to be a member of the association to register, just part of the Navy Postal world **IT IS FREE**  If you register you will be able to add comments to articles.  You will be sent an e-mail requesting verification of your E-mail address,  After that a password will be sent to you so you will  be able to log in and add all your comments and also photos once the the photo gallery is operation


I request your support in encouraging more PCs to join the organization. It may take awhile, but I anticipate membership will grow. Hopefully, as a team, we can all improve the organization and add to all the great efforts done in the past, which got us to where we are now.

Al Hass



At the Business Meeting held at the 2018 reunion, a motion was made that current officers listed below remain in office for the next two years.  The motion was seconded and approved by members.
President: —– Al Hass
Vice President– Fritz Loeffler
Secretary/Treasurer – Terry Baardsgaard
Senior Adviser – John Devlin
Note:   Mike Bertalan has agreed to continue the Web-Site

Our next Reunion is scheduled for 2022 in Harrisburg/Hershey, PA.  Alan Hass and Terry Baardsgaard are hosting the reunion.

DUES AND ALL FINANCIAL TRANSACTION GO TO TERRY BAARDSGAARD, baardsgaardtg133@gmail.com  “Annual membership dues are $20 for TWO YEARS or $50 for LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. New members must complete an NPCA_Membership_Application_2020
and send dues to:

Terry Baardsgaard
200 Campus Dr.
Moyock, NC 27958

Spouses of deceased members have always been welcome to join our association, It has been decided if a spouse of a deceased member is interested we will give them a Lifetime membership.  PCC Terry Baardsgaard is secretary/ Mail Directory/and Membership too, If you see something wrong in this directory or know of another Postal Clerk that’s not listed, please contact Terry at below: e-mail to baardsgaardtg133@gmail.com, or by snail mail at

Terry Baardsgaard
200 Campus Dr.
Moyock, NC 27958

Recruit a member and get a free year’s membership.  You can contact our Secretary/Treasurer by e-mail at theskinsman@cox.net.  Want a Postal Clerk T-Shirt?  Hull number,com is selling them.  Click on following link or if garbled just cut and paste URL http://www.hullnumber.com/POSTAL_CLERK.php .

Also if you want other association merchandise check out The Association ship store, http://www.cafepress.com/NPCA

Any problem with this web site contact the web master Mike Bertalan at NPCA@roadrunner.com And of course you can contact your President Al Hass at hassommno1@aol.com.


Information on the next reunion will be posted under the Reunion tab once I have information to share..

Al Hass
NPCA President

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