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Everyone’s favorite mailman Cliff Claven visiting the USS Nimitz (CVN-68).
Picture sent by PCC Bill McDowell
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In September of 2020 retired PCC Terry Baardsgaard and I visited the Navy Regional Mail Center in Norfolk, VA.  We met some old retired shipmates still working in Navy Postal.  Left to right, PCC Terry Baardsgaard, PCC Tom Wilson, Mr. John Sanderlin, PCCS Larry Rapier, PCCS Jeff Gibbs, and PCCM Alan Hass.  We had a nice time visiting with our friends, and were given a tour of the mail center.  It was gratifying to see Navy Postal operations are still in good hands.
Tribute to a Shipmate
In December of 2020, NPCA members Russ Nichols and Terry Baardsgaard, and their wives attended a ceremony in honor of shipmate PCCM (Ret) John “Bob” Clark who passed away on 21 December.  Bob was a charter member of the NPCA.  Bob’s name was added to the “Shipmates Forever” list on this website, and he will be honored at our next reunion.
        Terry and Karen Baardsgaard
        Russ and Peggy Nichols                                         Bob’s Shadow Box
Wreaths Across America Program
In support of the “Wreaths Across America” program your Navy Postal Clerk Association sponsored 6 Veterans Remembrance Wreaths in December of      2020.  The wreaths were placed on grave sites at Arlington National Cemetery on 19 December, on the National Wreaths Across America Day.  One of these wreaths was an individual wreath in memory of; and to honor the service of one of our shipmates, PCCM Tommie Lee Kelly, interred at Arlington.  Current plan is to do this every year.  It is a good way to honor our deceased veterans. 
The Bath National Cemetery is set for Wreaths Across America Day | WETM -
  PCs meeting for lunch on 21 March 2019 at Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Mechanicsburg, PA.

First picture, left side of picture going around the table: PCCM Dale Pinchart (barely visible), LtCol (Ret) Gabe Telles, Director for Navy Postal, PC1/LS1 Edward Donald Uptagrafft, PCCS Stan Healy, PCCM Alan L. Hass and wife Ruby, PCCM Tom Rittle, PCCM Sid Dawson, PCCM Jimmy Collins, PC1/LS1 David Sulli, Amara Telles, and PCCS Craig Houlette. PCC Hector Riveria was also at the table next to Craig, just can’t see him. PCCS Ed Larson took the picture.

Ed Larson is in the picture on the right and you can see Hector Riveria.  All of the PCs are retired and work for the Government except for Sid Dawson, who is enjoying retired life to the fullest.


Navy Postal Leaders Meet In San Diego – Left to Right; Dale Pinchart, Otilio Santos, Tim Lynch, Gabe Telles, Bill Bickert, Rob Shaw, James McCaffrey, Vic Gonzalez

Story Number: NNS170522-15 Release Date: 5/22/2017 2:46:00 PM

By Suzanna Brugler, NAVSUP GLS, Deputy, Office of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

SAN DIEGO (NNS) — Naval Supply Systems Command Global Logistics Support (NAVSUP GLS) postal personnel from around the globe met for the second annual NAVSUP GLS Postal Strategic Planning Meeting, May 16-18, in San Diego.

The three-day meeting brought together postal managers from NAVSUP Headquarters, NAVSUP GLS, and the NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Centers (FLC) located in Bahrain, Norfolk, Jacksonville, Pearl Harbor and San Diego.

This year the primary purpose of the meeting was to focus on inspection checklists.

“The meeting provided an opportunity for the postal managers to revamp OCONUS annual inspection forms and CONUS monthly inspection forms that were created nearly 11 years ago,” said Dale Pinchart, NAVSUP GLS postal program manager. “This process was long overdue and a quality product resulted from the hard work and experience attendees brought to the table.”

In addition, the attendees heard from their NAVSUP GLS senior leadership during a question-and-answer session that the Vice Commander Mr. William Bickert, Jr. presided over.

The Postal Strategic Planning Meeting is an improved, re-booted incarnation of the former Region Postal Manager Meeting, which last took place in May 2016.

“The annual meeting is time well spent to bring postal correspondence up-to-date with technology in use at both CONUS and OCONUS postal facilities,” said Pinchart.

The next NAVSUP GLS Postal Strategic Planning Meeting is scheduled for spring 2018.

NAVSUP GLS provides global logistics for a global Navy. The organization is made up of approximately 6,300 military and civilian logistics professionals operating from 105 locations worldwide, providing an extensive array of integrated global logistics and contracting services to Navy, Marine Corps, joint operational units, and allied forces across all warfare enterprises.

For more NAVSUP Global Logistics Support, visit or For more information, visit,, or

For more news from Naval Supply Systems Command, visit

Be brave.
Suzanna Brugler
Navy Supply Global Logistics Support
Deputy Public Affairs Officer


Passing of an Icon (PCCM Ray Dorman)

Ray Dorman passed away on 23 March 2017.

Russ Nichols did the following EULOGY to honor PCCM Ray Dorman.  I first met Ray Dorman while stationed at FPO New York, my first impression of him was don’t get in his way, but pay attention to what he had to say and do what he said to do.  I later learned as years passed by that he was a gentle man and loved to have fun and tell sea stories, and I don’t know of anyone who had more stories than Ray.  I think the worst ass chewing I ever got was from Ray.  I made the mistake of calling on him to check on his health one Sunday morning, forgetting about the time change.  Well holy hell, you would have thought I broke into Fort Knox, don’t you GD people on the East Coast know about time changes, call me back in 5 hours.  I was out of the Navy and still got chewed out, it was okay though, cause I deserved it.  I could sit here and tell of other things that happened between myself and Ray, but his is not about me.  To Judy my heart goes out to you, we have lost a great man and there will never be another like him.  To Ray’s children grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, our hearts also go out to you.  I have only one other thing to say and that is …….FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS AND MAY GOD BLESS

Alan Hass’ comments – I did not know Ray as well as some other Postal Clerks did.  I did meet him in 1970, but had no inter-action with him.  I was low on the totem pole, I believe PC2, and stayed away from the Khaki community.  I did get to know him later on while stationed at the Pentagon.  Ray was also stationed in the DC area.  He invited me and my wife over for dinner one evening.  Ruby was a little frightened because Ray was a Master Chief, and I was a PC1.  However, when she did meet Ray all her fears were for naught, as he was so laid back and friendly.  It didn’t hurt that he was in flip flops and shorts at his bar drinking a beer.  Last year I called Ray and we talked for a long time about Postal Operations of the past and present, mutual acquaintances, etc.  He was glad I called him, and I am glad I did.  His reputation and accomplishments were legendary in his day.


Sad News

It is with heavy heart I must report that Charlie Stancil’s (this organizations founder) daughter Jenifer was killed in a traffic accident last month just before Christmas, Charlie is not doing  too well either, he recently had a kidney transplant.

Condolences can be sent to

Charles Stancil
2233 Forest Trail Dr.
Bandera , Tx 78003

There has been fund set up for Jens three children college, anybody wishing to donate  can go to



Navy Postal Clerks On the Ice:

Official visit to the Antarctica in 1977 by PCCM (Ret) Gil Hough, one of our NPCA members. Sure most have been interesting.  The Navy no longer sends postal personnel to the Antarctica, but we sure have had some challenging assignments in the past.


antaGil was assigned as the Postal Assistance Advisor at FPO San Francisco when he made his first trip to the Antarctica.  This was in 1977,  and Gil went there 3 more times while assigned to CINCPACFLT/COMNAVLOGPAC.  The Postal Clerks on the ice were assigned to Commander, Naval Support Forces Antarctica at Port Hueneme, CA.  The command spent 6 months a year during the Australian summer on the ice and 6 months at home base.  Operation Deep Freeze (CTF-199) provided winter-over during the dark (no sun) season from April-August.  During this period mail/supplies were held at Christchurch, New Zealand.

McMURDO STATION ANTARCTICA 1977-78 Operation Deep Freeze Polar Cover


PCCM (Ret) Charles (Chuck) Ramsey.  Upon Chuck’s forthcoming retirement from Government Service on 30 September 2016, I think it is important to recognize him in a special way.  There is no better way to do so than by posting the article shown below these words.  For all who know Chuck he is a good friend and, one of the finest Navy Postal Clerks the postal community has had the privilege to know, and a true professional.



Postal Clerk Outing:
A bunch of old Postal Clerks and family got together on 15 December in Pensacola, Florida for dinner, drinks, and comradership.. Below, left to right; Lou Sprinkle, Ruby Hass and daughter-in-law Erika Hass, Al Hass, Bridgette Howell, Joanne and Fritz Loeffler, Tashiko Seabury in front, Liz and Mike Dwyer, Archie Howell and Clyde Seabury

Postal Group

flor4 Mike Dwyer, Fritz Loeffler, and Clyde Seabury
flor3Lou Sprinkle and Al Hass talking about, what else, Subic Bay.
 flor2Erika Hass with Ruby Hass, Tashiko Seabury, and Bridgett Howell
flor1Archie Howell and Joanne Loeffler visiting and enjoying a drink


Tashiko and Bridgett

  flor6Thought you might enjoy this picture Joanne Loeffler put on Facebook.  It was taken in the small town of Baker, Florida.  I thought it was kind of neat.  Probably would have been my last duty station if I would have stayed in 30 years.
Al Hass

flor7While in Nashville, en-route to Florida, went to the American Pickers store.  Met and visited with Mike Wolfe.  Both Mike and I are from Iowa.  Mike is from LeClaire and I am from Marshalltown.  When driving to Iowa I always stop at his LeClaire store.  LeClaire is the first town in Iowa off of I-80 after going over the Mississippi river.  Some of our members may want to visit the Nashville store during the May reunion and get some souvenirs.

Looking for an old shipmate, want to reconnect with the past? Post the name of the person you want to locate under the new PC Locator Tab. Some of our fellow NPCA members may have also been stationed with the shipmate you are looking for, and remained in contact over the years.

USS Constitution Postal Clerk

The story below was submitted by Karl R. Hendrickson. Karl was a PC2 who got out of the Navy and now works in Chinhae, Korea. He was stationed in Chinhae as a Postal Clerk from 2004-2007.

My service on the USS CONSTITUTION (Jan 2008-Dec 2010) by Karl R. Hendrickson.

The running story/joke was that since it was believed that SK1 Harry Moore was the last mail handler (1930s) aboard CONSTITUTION, and when I checked on-board as PC2, I was his long awaited relief after 70 years.  From the very few crew rosters we had of our crew from the 20th century, I could never find another SK designated as the mail handler, and I never could find a PC.  It was a story Pat Huston enjoyed and he thought you might like to hear it and have a picture of SK1 Moore aboard USS CONSTITUTION.  I never did take a photo of myself working the mail, since I was the Command Historian and my time was spent teaching the crew ships history.

A few weeks before checking out from the Constitution, my wife gave birth to our first child, Roscoe.  Interesting enough, my crewmates named him “Little PC” just like your (Al Hass’) son.  The crew refused to call me LS2 and referred to me as PC2 until the day I left in 2010.  I really like that they did that since I took pride in my killer bar rating badge!
I am considering becoming a Lifetime Member of the NPCA.  I think it would be great to be apart of the group.
Karl R. Hendrickson

Constitution Harry Moore


NPCA Secretary/Treasurer, PCCM (Ret) Gil Hough, requested I put this picture of him and Terry Nelson (a Shipmate Forever) on our website. Terry is the person on the right. The picture was taken at Gil’s home in Mililani, HI around 1980. Terry worked for Gil, who was the Assistant Fleet Postal Officer, at CINCPACFLT/COMNAVLOGPAC. Terry was a PC1 at that time and they were enjoying, in Gil’s words, some delightful beverages while studying for advancement. Shortly after this picture was taken Terry was selected for Chief.

Gil and his wife Sue recently had the pleasure of having lunch with Terry’s two daughters, which gave them an opportunity to bring up good memories. One of the daughters (Cristine) is a nurse in Durham, North Carolina. The other (Dee Dee) is a Dental Hygienist at NAS Jacksonville, FL.

Many of you, especially, later generations of PCs may not have known Terry. For those who did, Gill thought you might enjoy seeing the picture and hearing how well his daughters are doing.

As an aside, Terry and I were both PC3’s when stationed together in Subic Bay back in the day. Both of us were also assigned to Hong Kong, but not at the same time. Then after I transferred from USS Ranger (CV-61) in May of 1981, Terry relieved me as the Postal Officer. Terry retired as a PCC and moved back to his home state of Minnesota.

Al Hass

Gil and Terry

Navy Postal Boss Visits the Naval District Washington (NDW), Consolidated Mail Facility (CMF) at Anacostia, WDC.

On 4 September 2015, Gabe Telles, Navy Postal Director, visited the CMF for a get-together with some shipmates from the past.  Sorry Gabe you’re with the Navy now, so you will have to deal with the Navy term shipmate.

Pictured from left to right in the first picture are:  Peter Grave, MPSA Chief of Plans & Policy; Tommie Kelly, DoD Official Mail Manager; Gabe, Navy Postal Director; Leonard Bartels (the first DoD Official Mail Manager) (Retired); Mark Curcio, USAF Official Mail Manager; Marshall Fairchild, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Official Mail Manager; Ernest Terry, Outgoing Director, NDW CMF at Anacostia.

The second picture, absent Gabe who took the picture, includes the incoming Director of the CMF at Anacostia, David Smart.

During his time at MPSA, and at other postal assignments, Gabe worked with most of these professionals.  I also had the pleasure of knowing most of them and for many years worked close with Tom Kelly, Ernest Terry, and Leonard Bartels.  My experience was that everyone strived to work together towards a common goal of providing the best postal and official mail service possible for the military.

I am sharing this, because many of our NPCA members who worked in postal throughout their careers may also know some of the people in the pictures.  I also wish the best of luck to Ernest Terry in retirement.

Al Hass

almeeting one


Mike Bertalan writes:

Just got a message from PCCM Craig Boehringer who retired after a 42 year career in  Navy Postal Service, He is retiring now from the Official Mail manager in the San Diego area.  CONGRATULATION CRAIG, I can not believe he was a student of mine in PC “A”  and he has done 42 years of navy postal service.  Al Hass adds to this congratulation:  I have known Craig for at last 35 years.  He was one of the best in the business!  Best of luck to him and his wife in retirement.


Retired Senior Chief Postal Clerk Bill Jarrard, and wife Judi, attended a special ceremony for a Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient from the Battle of Iwo Jima. Bill’s comments, shown below, provide an overview of the event. It must have been quite an honor to be able to attend

Dear Members and friends,

Had a wonderful time in D.C. being present at a very special ceremony for Hershel “Woody” Williams, the last surviving Congressional Medal of Honor recipient from the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Tuesday night we attended a reception at the Women’s Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery and then bussed to the Iwo Jima Memorial for the Sunset Parade and the Silent Drill Team from I&H Marine barracks. It was wonderful!  He is 92 and speaks great. When he speaks, he talks about the 3 letter word, “Why”. He wonders why he survived the battle when so many others did not.

It was truly an exciting visit. Take care and continue to have a pleasant summer.

Woody’s Foundation is to support Gold Star Families. His current project include the promotion, creation, and implementation of Gold Star Families Memorial Monuments throughout the country.. The original monument was established at the Donel C Kinnard Memorial State Veterans Cemetery in West Virginia. To read more about Hershel “Woody” Williams Medal of Honor Foundation go to the web.

Bill and Judi
jarrard dinner

Get-Together in Virginia Beach

Old Salty Sailors chugging down a few while telling Sea Stories and reminiscing about past adventures, while their wife’s make money playing the dice game Left, Right, Center. This was during a recent visit to the home of Mike Dwyer’s son (Mark Dwyer) in Virginia Beach where some of the association’s notorious Postal Clerks from the past got together to socialize and enjoy a backyard barbecue. Larry Smith showed everyone the rifle, which will be raffled off at next year’s reunion. Terry Baardsgaard mentioned the rifle is a gem and will be our big ticket item.

Also, shown in the pictures are NPCA members wifes playing the dice game.  They are Liz Dwyer, Maggie Patras, Karen Baardsgaard, Peggy Nichols, Rose Smith, and Delores DeWeese. The hosts, Mark Dwyer (USN Retired) and wife Sandra are also pictured.

A good time was had by all, and everyone is looking forward to next year’s reunion in Nashville. Join them at the 2016 reunion to hear (once again) stories of the good old days in distant lands and aboard ship when being a Navy Postal Clerk was an honor and distinction.

Wife’s playing the dice game

Left to right; Larry Smith, Mike Patras, and Mike Dwyer

Enjoying a beer & wearing a Dallas Cowboy ball cap is Russ Nichols

Mark Dwyer (Mike’s son and host) and his wife Sandra

Melvin DeWeese at the bar

Russ Nichols, Terry Baardsgaard, Melvin DeWeese , Mike Dwyer, Larry Smith, and Mike Patras,

Pictured with Terry Baardsgaard is Larry Smith and Mike Patras

Left to right (front row):  Delores DeWeese. Rose Smith, Peggy Nichols, and Karen Baardsgaard

Left to Right (back row): Maggie Patras, and Liz Dwyer

Postal Group

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