Las Vegas 2010

2010 Reunion Attendees


highest Postal rate First Name Last Name From To Status Guest City State payment received
  PC1   Douglas   AAmold   1972   1985  med ret   Bunny Aamold   Foreston   MN      Yes
  PC1   Steve   Adamik   1946   1966   retired   Martha Adamik   Orange   Ca   Yes +Slots
  PCC   Robert   Begarly   1957   1983   retired   Mararet Begarly   Old Hickory   Tn  Yes + slots
  PCCM   Mike   Bertalan   1962   1989    retired   Jim Bertalan (son)   Cleveland   OH   Yes  + slots
  PC2   Tommy   Briggs   1951   1971    retired   Mary Briggs   Bullhead   Az   Yes  + slots
  PCCS   George   Burke   1944   1974    retired   Wife   Sacremento   Ca   Not yet
  PCC    Ed   Carter   1965   1986    retired   Verna Carter   Garland   Tx   Not yet
  PCCM   Ray   Dorman   1947   1977    retired  NONE   Mililani   HI    Yes
  PCCM   John   Devlin   1953   1982    retired  None   Kent   Wa    Yes
  PCCS   Melvin   DeWeese    1968   1994    retired   Dlores DeWeese   Virginia Beach   Va     Yes
  PCCM   Michael   Dwyer   1956   1980    retired   Elizabeth Dwyer   Navarre   Fl    Yes
  PCCM   Wallace   Faulkner    1955    1985   retired   NONE   Neptune Beach   Fl    Yes + slots
  PCCM   Bill   Fults   1962    1992    retired   NONE   San Diego   Ca    Yes
  PCCS   Argel   Greene   1952    1975   retired   Joyce Greene   Athens   Al   yes
  PC1   Ghery   Hauldren    1966    1989   retired   none   Solana Beach   Ca   yes
  PC1/LNCM   Steven   Hill   1976    2004   retired      Temecula   Ca   yes
  PC2  Dean   Hoe    1969    1973   veteran   NONE   Honolulu   HI   yes
  PCCM   Gil   Hough   1960    1990   retired   Susan Hough   Mililani   Hi   yes
  PC1   Ted   Johnson    1962    1984   retired   Trinidad Johnson   Las Vegas   Nv   yes
  PCCS   Bernie   Kaufman    1965    1988   retired   None   Greensboro   NC  
  PCCM   Marlin   Kirby   1961    1987   retired   Tokiko Kirby   High Springs   FL   yes
  PCC   Harlan   Kirkendall   1959    1983   retired   Laura Kirkendall    Clarksville   Tn  not yet
  PCCM   Ron   Kyle   1963    1988   retired   Le Kyle   San Diego   Ca    yes
  PCC   Gary   Lybarger   1951    1976   retired   Akiko Lybarger   Lakeside   Ca    yes
  TE3   Red   Marron    1951    1955   veteran   Marilyn Everson   Mimbres   NM   yes=2slots
   PCC   James   Marsh    1962    1988   retired   Trish Marsh   Grants Pass   Or   yes
  PCCM   Jim   Masters   1961   1987   retired   Lois  Masters   Ponte Verde Beach   Fl  yes +2 slots
  PCCM   Carl   Montoya   1952    1977   retired   Janet Montoya   Grand Lakes   Co   yes
  PC3   Lou   Munoz    1964     1968   veteran    none    Tucson   Az   yes + slot
  PCCS   Russ   Nichols Jr.   1965    1987   retired   Peggy Nichols   North Charleston   SC   yes +2slot
  PCCM   Michael   Patras   1950    1982   retired    none    Virginia Beach   Va   yes
  PCCM   John    Peters   1951    1970   retired   Pam Peters   Salt Lake City  UT   yes+2slots
  PC1   Harvey   Pitcher   1963    1993   retired   none   Aloha   OR   yes +slot
  PCCM   Abel   Quinones   1947    1977   retired    Judy Quinones   Pacific Grove   Ca  yes + 1slot
  PC3   Gil   Rasmussen   1967     1969   veteran    none     Ca  
  MAM 1C   Edward   Rickgauer   1943    1947   veteran    Dee Rickgauer   Tucson   Az   yes
  PC2   David   Schwabenbauer    1977    1981   veteran    Jean Schwabenbauer    Oilcay   Pa   yes+2 slots
  MACS   Larry   Smith   1963    1985   retired   none    Sneads Ferry   NC   yes + slot
  PCCS   John   Spellman   1951    1977   retired   Jay Spellman   Towata   NJ   yes
  PCCM    Lou   Sprinkle   1952    1986    retired   none    Pensacola   FL    yes
  PCCS    Charles   Stansil   1971    1993    retired   none    Bandera   Tx    not yet
  EO1    Peter    Starr    1975     1996    retired   Terry Hamilton Starr    Elizabethtown   KY    Yes
  PC1    Bill   Vanderslice    1948    1969   retired   Emliy Vanderslice   Cold Springs   Nv   yes+2slot
  PC2    Darlene   Williams    1981    1985   veteran   none     Mi   yes
  PCC    Woody   Woodbury   1962    1983   retired   none    Hereford   AZ    yes+slot


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