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2018 San Antonio Reunion

Shipmates, planning for the 2018 reunion is well underway. Dates of reunion and sign-up sheet will be posted on this site when everything is finalized.

Our reunion planners, Jack Kaperka and Ron Stevens, accompanied by their wives, Barbara and Margaret, made a site visit to San Antonio the first week of April 2017. Purpose of the visit was to check out the different hotels, and gather info on local tours, shopping, restaurants, etc. Contact wqs made with a motor coach company in regards to a tour to the Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas with a side trip to the LBJ ranch. This would be an all day tour.

The raffle should meet every ones expectations. For starters we have the Kbar Knife thanks to Larry Smith. We will also have, as to what Jack calls, the “The Book Ends or THE BEGINNING & THE END”. Two American Flags that have been flown over the ARIZONA & MISSOURI. The flag cases will be at the reunion to be taken home by the winner. The winners name & home address will be forwarded to Gil Hough in Hawaii. The flags with certificates of authenticity will be sent to the winner. All of you can thank Gil for for donating this unique prize. I understand that there is also a quilt that is being donated. Other prizes are in the works.  Below are pictures of the knife and blanket & eagle/flag.

Al Hass




From Mike Bertalan – I am sure sorry I could not make the Nashville Reunion.  A big Bravo Zulu to Terry for providing an excellent reunion, below is your Prez’ recap of the reunion

Feedback from members attending the Navy Postal Clerks Association’s Nashville reunion was very positive. Thanks to our reunion planner, Terry Baardsgaard and wife Karen for all the effort they put into making this a good successful reunion! Challenges for the future include signing up new members and convincing more Postal Clerks to attend future reunions.

At the conclusion of this year’s reunion I agreed to stay on as the President for two (2) more years, and Fritz Loeffler agreed to stay on as Vice President. Terry Baardsgaard was nominated for, and seconded for the position of Secretary/Treasurer. The vote was unanimous. And, John Devlin was voted in as our new Senior Advisor.

Prior to voting for where the next reunion was to be held it was brought to my attention, that at the end of the 2014 reunion, a consensus was agreed upon to hold two reunions in the central part (as close as possible) of the United States prior to moving to the West Coast. Several locations were nominated with San Antonio, TX winning out.

John (Jack) Kaperka volunteered to be the Reunion Planner. Ron Stevens volunteered to help him. Also, one of our members in Texas, Ed Balusek, may possibly be assisting.

I hope each and everyone of you have a great summer.




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