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Postal Reunion Notice.

There has been a change to the current NPCA 2024 Reunion in San Diego CA.  Before finalizing our RFP for hotel site proposals, we were advised that during the very same dates we selected for our Reunion (19-23 May),

a very large organization is hosting a conference at the San Diego Convention Center, and their number of attendees may be as high as 14,000.  It is the American Thoracic Society.  With a group that large, plus other events

and visitors in San Diego that week (maybe as high as 16,000), we have been advised by hotels and the San Diego Tourism Authority that it is affecting our efforts to receive competitive proposals from the hotels.


A search for expected conferences/meetings/events for the previously considered 21-25 April dates, revealed a much lower room rate total (approximately 4,000) for that week.  The Tourism Authority advised that if we change

our Reunion dates to the previously vetted dates in April, we would most likely receive more proposals, and may likely have lower room rates considering the significant drop in demand. 


The NPCA VP, Treasurer, former NPCA officers, and I agreed that it is in our best interest to change our dates in order to receive more bids, and obtain the most beneficial room rate.


The new dates for the Reunion are now Sun 21 April to Thurs 25 April 2024.


We are now upwards of 34 members and their guests who have indicated they are planning to attend.  As stated in the last email, your former shipmates would love to get together with you!  


If you have not already replied with your intention to attend, please consider doing so as soon as possible so we can finalize our list of attendees. I’m happy to provide more info, or answer any questions.


Thanks in advance,

Ed Larson NPCA President



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