Articles of Incorporation

1.This Association is organized pursuant to the provisions of the Texas None-Profit Business Corporation Code. The Association will conform at all times to the Texas Uniform Unincorporated Association Act, (ART 1396-70.01, Texas Civil Statues).

2.The name of the Association is: “NAVY POSTAL CLERK ASSOCIATION”.

3.Mission Statement: The Navy Postal Clerks Association is organized for the purpose of:

a. To promote the social welfare of our communities,

b. To conduct programs for charitable and educational

c. To sponsor or participate in activities of a patriotic

d. And to provide social and recreational activities for it’s members.

4.The Navy Postal Clerks Association shall never have owners or shareholders or stockholders. This Association will remain forever non-professional in nature.

5. The street address and county of the Associations initial registered office is 2233 Forest rain Drive, Bandera, Bandera County and State of Texas 31768. The name of the Association’s initial registered agent at the above address is Charlie Stancil.

6. The board of directors shall consist of five members who shall be:

a. President

b. Vice President

c. Secretary

d. Treasurer

e. Senior Adviser

7. The main body of members that are in good standings shall elect the Board of Directors every 2 years at the scheduled reunion.

8.In the event of dissolution, the assets are to be distributed the NAVY/MARINE RELIEF SOCIATY

9.In the event of the resignation or untimely demise of any board member other then the President, the President may appoint without election any member in good standing the fill that vacancy until the next scheduled election of the Association. In the event of the resignation or untimely demise of the President, the accession shall be as follows: Vice President, Secretary and Treasure.

10. Membership fees are $20.00 and due on the 18 February each year.

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