Minutes From Last Business Meeting

2 MAY 2018

The meeting was officially called to order at 10:30 AM by President Alan Hass. The meeting was held at the Holiday Inn, Downtown, Market Square, San Antonio, TX.

Kicking off the meeting, President Alan Hass posed a Navy Postal Clerk trivia question.  He asked, who was the first Postal Clerk detailer?  Answer was John Herald, promptly announced by two or three members.  John was a PCC at that time.  President Alan Hass then took a moment to recognize new association members who were in attendance.  They were George Card, Randy Rittenhouse, Gilberto Sanchez, and Jerry Buchan.

President Alan Hass revisited the minutes of our 2016 business meeting, focusing on a recommendation by Russ Nichols to return to printing a “reunion yearbook”.  President Hass advised research on this fell though the cracks indicating it may not be feasible.  Secretary/Treasurer Terry Baardsgaard was asked to comment.  He said we should probably take another look at this idea.  Mike Bertalan added there are companies that specialize in creating yearbooks.  This matter will be revisited.

At the 2014 business meeting, John Devlin recommended that following our east coast reunion in Charleston, SC, the next two reunions should be in the central portion of the country followed by a west coast reunion.  A motion was made and seconded to reaffirm that our 2020 reunion be held at a west coast location.  Membership approved the motion.  Russ Nichols posed a question; asking if following the 2020 reunion will the association return to the original reunion rotation of east coast, central United States, and the west coast.   After brief discussion, membership agreed to resume the original reunion rotation.

Melvin Deweese then raised the issue of recruiting new association members.  Don Jurgensmeyer asked what recruitment efforts could be used.  President Alan Hass commented on recruiting efforts since the last reunion.  However, reaching younger PCs/LSs falls more on the younger tier of our association membership.  Jeff Gibbs and George Card informed membership they are currently making efforts to reach out to younger PCs/LSs to see if they can generate some interest.  Hopefully their efforts, and the efforts of other members, will produce positive results.

President Alan Hass opened the floor for election of officers.  A motion was made by Jim Masters that current officers, President Alan Hass, Vice President Fritz Loeffler, Secretary/Treasurer Terry Baardsgaard and Senior Advisor John Devlin remain in office for the next two years.  Motion seconded and approved by membership.

The floor was then opened for nominations for the next reunion location.  The following west coast cities/areas were nominated; San Diego, CA; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Tri Cities area of Washington (Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco), and Laughlin, NV.  After a floor vote by the membership, San Diego and Laughlin tied.  A re-vote was held and Laughlin, NV prevailed.  However, discussion resumed and Bill Fults, who had visited Laughlin on several occasions, offered some insight on Laughlin.  He indicated there was not much there other than casinos and water sports.  Further discussion continued with Don Jurgensmeyer, Archie Howell, Mike Dwyer and other members offering additional comments.  Russ Nichols noted the importance of selecting a location that offered events and attractions our family members could enjoy.  Seeing no need for further discussion, Russ Nichols suggested membership nullify the Laughlin, NV vote and replace it with Portland, OR.  Membership was in concurrence and Portland, OR was confirmed as our next reunion location.

Membership was asked for volunteers to plan and host the Portland reunion.  There were no immediate volunteers.  Jerry Buchan indicated he may be able to take on that responsibility, however as an over-the-road truck driver he would need to do some work-related research to ensure he would be available.  Since there were no other volunteers, President Alan Hass indicated he would continue the search for a planner/s.  Discussion regarding a time frame for the Portland reunion was highlighted by the importance of holding the reunion prior to the peak travel season which begins in May.  No dates were set at this time.

Russ Nichols offered congratulatory comments to John Kaperka and Ron Stevens and their wives for the OUTSTANDING job planning and hosting the San Antonio reunion.  They received a rousing applause from membership, Bravo Zulu (BZ).  Secretary/Treasurer Terry Baardsgaard then reported on the Association’s financial status.  He stated that following the 2016 reunion the association’s bank account balance was $3,856 + change.  Once the current reunion receipts, expenses and raffle proceeds are recorded, our financial status is expected to be significantly better going into the Portland reunion.  Raffle proceeds look to be the best ever, a huge BZ to all attendees.

Jim Masters asked that reunion business meeting minutes be distributed to attending members.  Secretary/Treasurer Terry Baardsgaard acknowledged that would take place and additionally they would be placed on the Navy Postal Clerk website.  Finally, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Officially adjourned at 11:26 AM.

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