Naval Postal Service History

PREZ Al Hass found this article in a 1949 edition of “ALL HANDS.”

There is a lot of interesting information in this article that many Navy Postal Clerks can relate to, especially the more senior members of the NPCA.  Mail was still in in its heyday when Al joined the Navy in 1964, as he soon found out during his first assignment at Terminal Navy Post Office, Yokohama, Japan.  Yokohama, then as now, was a hub for the movement of Navy mail in the Pacific.



First Shipboard Navy Post Offices:

This is for all you Navy Postal Historians.  The first shipboard Navy Post Offices were established on 15 August 1908 aboard the USS Illinois (BB-7), USS Rhode Island (BB-17), and USS Prairie (AD-15).  As important as mail was back in the day, I imagine this was a big event. Thanks to PCCS (Ret) Jeff Gibbs for this tidbit of Navy Postal History. Shown below are pictures of each of the ships.
Al Hass
USS Illinois BB-7.jpg
USS Illinois (BB-7)


Rhode Island
USS Rhode Island (BB-17)
USS Prairie (AD-5)

History of the Military Postal Service (MPS) as documented at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C.  View information in the below URL for a great overview of the MPS.  Quite a bit of information pertains to Navy Postal Operations.

Retired PCCS(SW/AW) CRAIG HOULETTE put together this recap of the Naval Postal Service History, bit of nostalgia for all

  •  Navy Postal In Action – Access the website below to view pictures of Navy Postal Operations.  These pictures reflect     operations between roughly 7-12 years ago, so they are fairly current and give a true depiction of what postal operations are all about.  You may even see a picture of yourself, and/or some shipmates.

 Category:Postal Clerk (United States Navy) – Wikimedia Commons



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